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What Are Carbon Credits And How To Trade Them

A short introduction to Carbon Credits.
A carbon credit, in a broad sense, is a permit allowing a business holding the credit to emit (and offset) greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide. Whether this is a legal obligation for the relevant business or voluntary depends on the jurisdiction and legal carbon emission caps defined for businesses.

Environmental data graphs

Carbon Data, Graphs and Charts

Data and Graphs on carbon concetration, environment and sustainability. To download & access data tables click in the upper right corner. We regularly add new content. Share 👇🏽

Carbon Credit Futures
carbon credit futures

Carbon Credit Futures

Which carbon credits can be traded as futures contracts? See our overview of publicly tradable carbon credit futures. Share 👇🏽

Carbon Offset Exchanges
carbon credit exchanges

A Guide to Carbon Credit Exchanges

A comprehensive list of all currently active Carbon Credit Exchanges. Voluntary Carbon Offset Exchanges and allowance trading including VERs, CERs, VCUs, EUAs and EUAAs. Share 👇🏽

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